Airwalker Elves

Racebuild – Airwalker Elf, more often known as “Blink Elves”

Total Build = 15 RP

Having spent generations living in the forests, sequestered away from even other Elven civilizations, the Airwalker Elves have developed a natural disconnection from the material world. Similar to – and perhaps even related to the blink dogs that roam temperate forests – these elves are capable of crossing great distances in the blink of an eye. As a consquence of their naturally flighty nature, these elves exhibit incredible dexterity. They often find themselves more prone for flight than fight, although they are more than capable of defending their unique way of life. Naturally peaceful, blink elves have developed ways of peacefully coexisting with both the denizens of the forests and other humanoid races.

Airwalker elves are just as tall and graceful as normal elves, but their hair and eye coloration tends towards lighter colors. It is not uncommon for a wispy blue or pale yellow hair, often grown out into long locks. They are usually slender, their long limbs accenting their natural agility. While just as long lived as normal elves, they have lower birth rates. As such, the small communities of blink elves will never grow beyond tiny hamlets nestled in the woods. Similarly, their isolationist policy means there has never been a recorded partnership with a human – indeed, such a pairing is even more frowned upon in airwalker society.


Humanoid (Elf) – 0 RP
Medium Size – 0 RP
Normal Speed – 0 RP
Weakness Ability Scores – +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -4 Str – +1 RP
Xenophobic Language Array – Elven
→ Can learn Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Celestial

Racial Traits:

Bond to the Land (2 RP)
You gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC while in a specific terrain type chosen from the ranger’s favored terrain list. This choice is made at character creation and cannot be changed.

Skill and Feat:

Skill Training (1 RP)
Acrobatics and Knowledge (nature) are always considered class skills.

Lesser Change Shape (3 RP)
Can assume the form of another humanoid of roughly the same size. This form is static and cannot be changed each time you take this form. This form is chosen at character creation and cannot be changed. This gives a +10 racial bonus on disguise checks to appear as the chosen race. Changing shape is a standard action, and functions like altar self, except you do not gain ability score bonuses.

Dimensional Disconnection (7 RP)
Blink elves are naturally disjointed from the material plane. As a result, they can warp through the air, functioning similarly to a dimension door spell. When using this ability, a blink elf is capable of moving up to 30 feet as part of a move action. This can move through walls and occupied spaces, but it cannot end in a square already occupied by matter. This ability can be used three times daily at level one, and one use for every three levels after first, up to eight times daily at level fifteen. At level fifteen, the range of the ability increases to 50 feet. At level twenty, the ability can be used at will.

Lesser Spell-Like Ability – Spatial Distortion (3 RP)
Rather than always move through space, blink elves are capable of forcing light to bend around them. As a result, they are capable of using vanish three times daily at a caster level equal to their hit dice.

Airwalker Elves

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