Valanthe Nerissa

Cryptmistress of the Godsmouth Ossuary


A promising young member of the Pharasman faith, Valanthe has quickly risen through the ranks to become the Cryptmistress holding vigil over the Pharasman’s burial grounds within Kaer Maga, the Godsmouth Ossuary. Recently, the disappearance of bodies from the crypt has her worried – this is her responsibility, and the improper burial of these souls endangers her position within the church.

As the party’s contact among the Pharasmins, Valanthe has befriended the party – if only because they are both efficacious and silent about their workings in the Ossuary. After paying them for their work solving the missing body problem, she made an agreement with them – should either party need assistance, the other would provide aid. If nothing else, she would be more than willing to provide further employment for a few mercenaries of Pharasma. After all, the levels of the Ossuary go far deeper, and breaching the seals on the first level have only opened up the untold horrors below…

After paying the party for their successful efforts below the Godsmouth Cathedral, Valanthe offered the PCs a semi-permanent position as her agents. Once more, they would venture into the depths below – for a reasonable fee, of course. She insisted that if they needed anything, she would be there to assist them… their mutual relationship was well on the way to becoming a friendship.

With the untimely death of Roa’Kkad, the PCs decided to call Valanthe on her offers of friendship – begging to have their beefy companion brought back from Pharasma’s Boneyard. In exchange for their promised reward, Valanthe performed the ritual – communing with her Goddess to return the lost, traveling soul of Roa’Kkad to the mortal coil in order to serve her interests once more. Her pleas granted, Roa’Kkad once more opened his eyes, with Valanthe’s efforts to thank.

Valanthe Nerissa

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