Esme Verisi

Cursed with Undeath, Victim of Circumstance


Esme was found asleep in a makeshift bedchamber in the depths of the Godsmouth Ossuary. Ambushed while sleeping, and Silvennius attacking the intruders, she moved to defend herself. Failing to drive off her attackers, she surrendered.

Esme was clearly undead, with flesh rotting off her bones and a putrid stench barely covered over with the smell of a cheap perfume. Her clothing and jewelry matched her body, from a time before her own. Begging for mercy, and pleaing for her un-life, she began to reveal the circumstances of her existence…

Before Fubar put an arrow between her eyes. The woman’s glazed eyes rolled back into her head as her eyes shut, granting her the “peace” of death.

Esme Verisi

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