The Freemen

The Freemen are the group of escaped slaves that now inhabit The Bottoms. As one of the newest factions in Kaer Maga, the Freemen sometimes suffer from a lack of respect among the other gangs and brotherhoods in the city – an underestimation that does not often happen more than once. A zealous and proud group, these Freemen fight for all that is good in mankind – freedom, democracy, and equality. The Bottoms have become a bastion of hope and freedom in the city, a district where slavery is strictly forbidden, and the rampant class disparity of the Highside Stacks frowned upon.

Led by the grisly Black Marin, the coalition of freedom fighters venture into the darker alleys of Kaer Maga with the intention of freeing their brothers in chains. While such violence is normally not frowned upon within the city, the disruption of trade most certainly is – so the Freemen often find themselves at odds with many of the other factions in the city. Kaer Maga is a city built on trade; slavery is just another piece of this puzzle. In a balancing act between striving to meet their idealistic vision and preventing the city from falling into complete disorder with a slave revolt, the Freemen have established a firm base of operations within the city.

The man behind it all is Halman Wright – the first of the escaped slaves. Once a mercenary captain, the man now fights for a new purpose: liberty. He has publicly vowed that one day, Kaer Magans will be free of their chains, and all with live free. Until this day, though, the Freemen will continue to wait, fighting in the shadows of the other factions, and publicly denouncing those who support slavery.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the militant focus of freedom and equality, the Bottoms have become a jovial and welcoming place under the Freemen’s influence. A haven for strong drink, good companionship, and the freedom to be whoever you want (although, to be fair, this is the same elsewhere in Kaer Maga), the drinking houses of the Bottoms have become nigh legendary. The district houses men, women, halflings, gnomes, and even a half-ogre that have all been bred with the air of freedom and equality – the women are no less feisty or hard-drinking than the men, and the halflings are no less brave than the half-ogre.

Notable Members:

Halman Wright – Leader
Black Marin – Militia Leader
Roa’Kkad – Escaped Shoanti Tribesman who is making a name for himself in the City of Strangers
Edwin Pilgarson – Roa’Kkad’s closest friend, and the man who introduced him to the Freemen.
Glok – Half-Ogre Freeman

The Freemen

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