Lootbitch Sheet

Session 1:

Feather Token (Whip) [Throsh]
40 Arrows [Fubar]
Elixir of Love [Fubar]
Potion of Eagle Splendor [Fubar]
Scroll of Remove Paralysis [Fubar]

Session 2:

Wand of Command Undead 13charges [Fubar]
2 x Smokes Sticks [Roa]
2 x Acid Flasks [Roa]
Tanglefoot Bag [Roa]
2 x Thunderstone [Roa]

MWK Embalming Tools [ Gift to Zalanthe ]

Scroll of Ghoul Touch [Throsh]
MWK Silver Dagger [Obama]
Disguise Kit [Obama]
Cheap Perfume [Obama]

*Collection of Books + Notes
The Chymists of Life in Death (Great knowledge / appraise ~500G)

1 x Wand of Disrupt Undead 30charges [Throsh]

Session 3:

MWk Bastard Sword (Little Curve to it) [Roa]
2 x Curved Dagger [Obama]
Stone Scrolls – Hold Portal, Identify, Shatter [Throsh]

cloak of resistance +1 [Roa]
2 x Scrolls – Delayed Poison [Fubar]

Total Gold:

Session 4:
Spell Book(all 0-level spells, Blur, Misdirection, Mirror Image, Silent Image, Comprehend Languages, Identify, See Alignment, and Anticipate Peril): [Nezu]

Wand of Silent Image x 14 [Nezu]
Scroll of Blur, Invisibility [Nezu]
1x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds [Roa’Kkad]
1x Potion of Lesser Restoration [Throsh]
1x Potion – Cat’s Grace [Throsh]

Scroll Book – Burning Hands, Forced Quiet, Detect Thoughts, Blur [Throsh]

MWK Alchemy Lab (secret Thassilonian area)

Robe of Useful Items:
Patches: 10ft pole, sack, 50ft hemp rope, Rowboat, 2 x Wardogs [Obama]

Session 5 ( The Return )

Cursed Ring of Force Fangs [Nezu]

CLW Wand Use Count = 12 / 50

Session 6 (The Mite King)

1x Potion of Cure Light Wounds [Nezu]
+1 Returning Starknife [ Throsh ]
Mwk Cold Iron Short sword [ Obama ]
5x Curved Serrated Daggers [ Obama ]
2x Pots of CLW [ Obama ]
Flask of Purifying [ Throsh ]

3x Golden Candle Stick 25g – Sold for 45g
+2 Int Ioun Stone, Scarlet and Blue Sphere [ Nezu ]

Session 8 – Murders in Downmarket

Mstwk Studded Leather [Throsh]
+1 Dagger of Shax (Bloody White Feather engraving across blade)
Cloak of Elvenkind
Amulet of Spell Resistance (13) [Nezu]
Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds
Scroll of Remove Disease
Scroll of Divination
Scroll of Restoration

4510g /4 = 1127.5 g Each → Did everyone get this?

Session 10 – Tunnel Time 4/28/2013

pot cure light wounds x 6
mwk leather armor
mwk club
whip x 2
everburning torch x 2
silk rope x 2
+1 Studded Leather x 2
mwk dire flails x 6
mwk manacle x 4
hemp rope x 2
Metal Plate w/ grooves in it. ???
4 mwk leather armor
Wand of Magic Missle CL 3, 27X
+1 Hide
Singing Sword
+1 Rapier
+5 bonus perform(bard)
Solid Note 2 / day
(plays music when its brandished)

Lootbitch Sheet

The Secrets of Kaer Maga fratmancy