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Kaer Maga, The City of Strangers

Strangers in more than one sense, the ancient city of Kaer Maga is home to anything that might wander the surface of Golarion. With no gates to close, and no official government to speak of, the City of Strangers is an open trading ground for all walks of life, unlife, and anything in between. An amalgam of cultures and lifestyles from across the globe, Kaer Maga is one of the few places in Golarion where someone can walk through the corridors of the immense stone walls and pass a bloated bloodmage, a troll reading prophecies in his own entrails, an undead prostitute, and a vigilant urban defender all on the same block.

And that’s just the surface. The tunnels below run deep.
Really deep.

And the adventure is just getting started.

Home Page

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