Godsmouth Ossuary

The Godsmouth Ossuary is a series of ancient catacombs set deep into Kaer Maga’s Undercity, situated directly below the Pharasman’s Godsmouth Cathedral. Its name is derived from its point of entry – a tunnel through the mouth of one of the many giant faces decorating Kaer Maga’s cliffs. The face, known only as the Unnamed King, opens into the tunnels of the Ossuary. Access can only be gained through a staircase owned by Phasrama’s faithful.

Controlled by the cathedral, the Godsmouth Ossuary has become the most prestigious place in Kaer Maga to be buried – and a coffin in the catacombs does not come cheap. The business of interring the dead has kept the Pharasman faith well-funded. Barring a miraculous disappearance of death, the business will thrive for a long, long time.


  • Pharasman’s Levels
  • Sealed Levels – First Level – Underground Cathedral (Cleared)
  • Archives (Partially Cleared)

Godsmouth Ossuary

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