Elven Magus


Most Elven wizards enjoy centuries of practiced study in their master’s tower, taught by the best and brightest minds from anywhere in Golarian. Throsh is not one these wizards.

Orphaned as a child on the outskirts of the Grungir Forest, Throsh was discovered by a passing lumberjack, who took the child and brought him home to Jol. Raised among humans, Throsh’s only indication that he was different was his predisposition towards magic. Perpetually viewed as something that was evil, dangerous, witchcraft, mysterious, or otherwise harmful, his adopted parents did everything they could to keep him from encountering magic. Yet it was impossible for his parents to enforce this – his lifespan was measured in centuries, and theirs in decades. At the age of 24, he had his first real encounter with magic – a traveler through town who had no qualms about showmanship with his talents. He knew that he’d learn magic at any cost.

In time, his adopted parents passed away – and he was still but a child among Elves. His “brothers” had grown to be old men themselves, and while they warned him of the dangers of his pursuits, encouraged him to follow his heart. He boarded a passing caravan and made for Kalsgard, a city so large that it had to accept magic, despite its relationship to witchcraft. He studied under many masters, as each eventually moved on from the city to find their destinies elsewhere.

But education among the wizards was only the first step. His Elven blood drew him to magic, but he’d spent three quarters of a century among the Ulfen people. The axe and bow were as comfortable in his hand as his spellbook. He trained himself in their use, both on the hunt and in practice duels with others. Despite his alien appearance, many were happy to call him brother.

Others, however, were not so friendly – not only was he an Elf, but he was a witch! And he was befriending the people of Kalsgard, integrating into their world – eventually, a small but vocal minority rallied a mob to run him from their city. Throsh spent the next many years wandering, afraid to settle down for very long. He traveled across the wintery northlands of the Land of the Linnorm Kings, even visiting the Ironbound Archipelago. Nowhere could he settle down and hone his magical or martial skills; nowhere could he find a purpose suitable to his tastes.

In time, Throsh heard rumors of the city of Kaer Maga – a city where anyone and everyone is welcome, regardless of their history. With his spellbook and axe in tow, he headed off across the northlands once more. This time, he was headed southbound – and he had no intention of coming back.


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