Tribal Barbarian


HP 15
Speed 30, Ini 2
AC 15 / 12t / 13ff
CMB +4 / CMD 16
Saves: Fort 5 / Ref 3 / Will 2

Melee ~ War Scythe 4 2d43 x4, trip
Ranged ~ Pillum ( 3 ) 3 1d83

Str | 17 | +3
Dex | 14 | +2
Con | 15 | +2
Int | 13 | +1
Wis | 13 | +1
Cha | 13 | +1


Acro | 6 |
Climb | 7 |
Diplomacy | 5 |
Intimidate | 5 |
Knowledge: Local | 5 |
Perception | 7 |
Swim | 3 |


Crowd Control:
1 att / dodge ac when near 2 enemies. Movement is not impeded by crowds. 1/2 Barb level bonus on Intimidate.


4 + Con + feat / Per Day = 12 Rounds
Free Action, +4 Str / Con / Will Saves, -2 AC. While Ragin no cha/dex/int skills. Fatigued for x2 how long raged.

Extra Rage, Totem Spirit (Shundar Quah)

Auspicious Tattoo, Deft Doger


Streets filled the stomping of feet, little worlds bouncing around in a great space, where no one is safe from the strange and perverse reality that is Kaer Maga. At a young age, Roa’kkad was exposed to the seedier parts of life when his family was sold into slavery.

It was frightening. His father was a proud shaman, looked upon his peers as an extraordinary spiritual leader. The moment was quick. Large orgrekin descended upon Roa’kkad’s family like goblins on a raid. In mere seconds, their large hands pulled and pinned each of the boy’s relatives. In a move of elf sacrifice, Roa’kkad’s father had made the ultimate choice – having thrown all his might into resisting the Ogrekin and freeing his family. Preying on the Ogrekin’s anger, the brutes were enraged – hewing the proud shaman into pulp.

That scene has not left Roa’kkad’s memory.

Shortly after, the remaining members of his family were each sold away to ruthless and greedy slave owners. Large arms had grabbed the boy, whisking the youth away to the hardest time of his life.

Through out Roa’kkad’s childhood, the boy had been passed around different masters. Each labor detail had pushed the youth further away from his culture that he had ultimately became a different creature by the time he reached his late teens.

His work details were gruesome – being a practice target for bloatmages, a mule for market trades, construction – this boy covered the gamut.

It was during one work session that his life drastically changed. While working on a scaffolding, Roa’kkad was working on “improving” ( doing the best he can while being tortured ) a city block in the Ankar Te district. Fatigued from his grueling life serving two masters, Roa’kkad swooned and fell off the scaffolding. Few people stopped to notice, while others carried on. His employer offered a quick curse, and climbed down to unleash his frustration at the youth’s constitution.

Roa’kkad hit the ground with a large thud, pain reverberating through his body. With his employer slowly advancing, he saw an opportunity to make a run for it. Tired of enslavement, Roa’kkad threw all that he had into rage, propelling himself forward. Taking advantage of the crowd, the youth seemed to swim in between people. His employer, the troll had been jostled around as Roa’kkad fled.

Whether a moment of fate or divine intervention, the youth had ran into a crowd of simple but colorful people. At their wrists dangled metal cuffs much like his own, but the links were broken. Realizing what came before them, the Freemen encircled the boy and fled through alleys within Kaer Maga’s honey combed district.

Introduced to the zealous ex-slaves, Roa’kkad was thrust into a new tribe – The Freemen and their way of life. It amazed the youth how many different brothers and sisters he had. Years past. Now as a fully matured man, Roa’kkad is a hulking mass of a man. Muscles toned from daily labor, and fortified with a zealous cause, Roa’kkad is a passionate soldier. Being able to control his rage, the tribal has learned to use the most dangerous weapon – his mind.

Appreciative of his newfound liberty, he realized his role in life was to help others towards their freedom. The Son of the Shundar Quah Shaman.


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