Falgrim Stonehammer

Exiled Dwarven Forgemaster


Gruff and short tempered, even by Dwarven standards, Falgrim Stonehammer has perpetually found himself at odds with all reaches of society.

Trained in the lost and forgotten arts of true Dwarven smithing, Falgrim is the last of his clan, the final Stonehammer to take up the hammer of the forge and create gifted steel beneath it. Yet, his disagreement with the way that the Dwarves had progressed over the centuries led him to an eventual exile from his homeland, Janderhoff. A man without a home, and a smith without a forge, Falgrim traveled across Varisia, searching for a forge that would appreciate his talents.

Self-proclaimed to be Torag’s gift to Dwarvenkind, the last bastion of the old ways, Falgrim eventually found himself in Kaer Maga – a city that, while not of Dwarven craftsmanship, was a work that he could truly appreciate. Here, within the walls crafted even before the days of Thassilon, he could restore the true mastery of Dwarven smithing.

Falgrim Stonehammer

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