The Secrets of Kaer Maga

The Newcomer

With Roa’Kkad reeling from his headache-inducing trip through the afterlife, the group decided it was best to put exploration of the depths below aside for a brief interlude. With the rag-tag adventuring companions separating and wandering about the city, Roa’Kkad turned to his friends, The Freemen. With a small slave caravan on its way into the city, Black Marin wanted to stage an ambush – hitting small enough traders quickly enough would likely fly beneath the radar of Kaer Maga’s ruling factions.

With only himself and one of the Freemen’s other agents, Nolano, Roa’Kkad sneaked into the Warrens and waited in ambush. Everything was going according to plan, until a small Ratfolk man got involved with the orcish slavers. Nezu had tried to con the largest and meanest of the orcs – and, arguably, the stupidest of them – with a game of chance. Failing to convince the brawny man of his failure and need to fork over his coins to the tiny furball, Glork slapped a pair of manacles onto the rat and continued on his way.

Jumping to the rescue, Roa’Kkad and Nolano opened up their ambush with a flurry of alchemical devices and arrows. Caught unaware, the orcs took valuable seconds to react to the attack, while Nezu slipped free. Hands free to work their magic, he set to work keeping Glork as busy as he possibly could – while Roa and Nolano handled his help.

The Warrens splattered with Orcish blood, Glork finally fell – into a deep slumber, thanks to Nezu’s efforts. With the half-dead rat and a handful of newly-escaped slaves, the group ran towards the Bottoms, home of the Freemen, victorious.



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