The Secrets of Kaer Maga

The Mite King

With Fubar gone – possibly for good – the three remaining adventurers pressed onward into the archives of the Godsmouth Ossuary. Searching the rooms as they came, they worked their way to the northeastern corner of the level, where an animated statue defended a single chest. While filled with mostly mundane artifacts, a concealed button at the bottom of the chest opened a new passageway. Fleeing from the animated guardian, they lost it in a cloud of smoke and ducked into the newly uncovered tomb. Secreted away inside a trapped chest, the trio found a magical Starknife, designed in the style of the Sheihedron Star.

Pressing onward, the adventurers made their way into the mite-controlled section of the archives. Breaking through the side doorway with ease, Roa’Kkad led the charge into the mite’s storage room. A single mite, enjoying a snack, tried his hardest to defend the chamber – but quickly fell victim to the assault. His screams, however, alerted the rest of the mite hive to action. They surged through the door like the tide, overwhelming the heroes with sheer number rather than skill. As they fought, Roa’Kkad fought tooth and nail to stay on his feet, but eventually succumbed to the blood loss. Fighting on, Obama and Throsh fought valiantly to protect their companion – until Obama, too, fell. With his back to the wall, Throsh lashed out with his final spell, eliminating the surviving mites – and charring his friends’ unconscious bodies. With the sound of steel clanking towards him, he extinguished his lights and dove for cover – burying both himself and his friends in the pile of bodies.

In the darkness, the Mite King made his entry. Although Throsh could only see the magical aura of his armor, the burly little bastard clanked through the storage chambers before leaving with a grunt of disapproval. Working quickly, Throsh carried Obama to a safe place to rest – hoping that they could save Roa’Kkad after a quick nap…

They returned to find the bodies all missing. They charged onward, praying they were not too late to save the barbaric Shoanti. The Mite King was not at all happy to see the men that had vanquished his army. With the battle in full swing, Obama and Throsh fought to keep the Mite King from their throats. With the mite’s seemingly impenetrable armor and the weariness of battle setting in, Throsh decided to try for a slightly more diplomatic approach – offering the greedy mite the Cursed Ring of Forcefangs. Happily accepting the tribute – which Throsh insisted would enable him to resurrect his army – the foolish mite activated its powers and its talon sunk into his flesh, wracking his body with pain. Weakened and enraged, the mite gripped Throsh’s throat as the two humanoids went down into a grapple. Emerging from his hiding place beneath the table, Obama stepped up to deliver a killing blow to the mite’s back, sinking his shortsword into a weak spot in his armor.

Bloodied, but victorious, the heroes pressed on – and found Roa’Kkad in the trash heap with the other corpses. Dragging their friend to safety, they nursed him back to consciousness. High on the wings of victory, they raided the Mite King’s throne room, and left with a small pile of loot.

But such glory would not be the end of the day – for they went back to the chamber of the Wraith. Still hesitant to approach the room, Obama watched as Roa’Kkad and Throsh entered into the ghostly being’s abode. While Throsh busied himself studying the mystical font, Roa’Kkad tried to fend off the incorporeal evil. While Throsh ingested the strange fluid, Roa’Kkad’s muscles posed little resistance to the ghostly attacks. As the otherworldly cold overwhelmed his senses, Obama ran in and blinked through the air – carrying Roa to safety.

Except it was too late – Roa had fallen. Within moments, the man’s uneasy soul leaped out of its shackles and began to attack his former companions – his soul now a slave to the Wraith. Dodging the ghostly attacks of their former friend, Throsh and Obama managed to slay the vengeful spirit of Roa’Kkad, and return his soul to its relative peace. They rushed back to the Godsmouth Cathedral, begging Valanthe Nerissa to save their friend.

In exchange for their promised reward, Valanthe performed the ritual – communing with her Goddess to return the lost, traveling soul of Roa’Kkad to the mortal coil in order to serve her interests once more. Her pleas granted, Roa’Kkad sucked in his first breath in hours, life coursing through his veins once more. Sadly, however, the experience had weakened his spirit – the soul would not be able to withstand many more such journeys.

With the Archives beneath the Godsmouth Ossuary largely cleared, it remained to be seen where the party would next find itself…



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