The Secrets of Kaer Maga

Deeper into the Ossuary

After a week back on the surface of Kaer Maga, the group each met with a messenger sent by Valanthe Nerissa, requesting their presence in the Godsmouth Cathedral once more. Valanthe’s mission was simple – to delve even deeper. The depths of the Ossuary were not only unsafe to her tombs, but to the whole city. To secure the crypt for Pharasma would simultaneously be securing the crypt for the city. A small pile of gold – 1000g each – sweetened the deal.

Ever eager for adventure and treasure, the four members of the motley crew found themselves once more in the depths. After greeting Yrix and bargaining for some information, they proceeded down yet another staircase. Ending in a collapsed stairwell, the party was force out onto the only available level – and immediately assaulted by a pair of spiders.

Easily dispatching them, they found a large fresco of robed, scholarly individuals all prostrating themselves before an imposing, commanding figure. On closer inspection, a hidden button in the painting made the commander slide sideways, revealing a hidden chest beyond. Obama quickly opened the chest and perused the goods.

Continuing through the ruin, the group soon found itself in a massive library – an archive of unknown knowledge. Their amazement did not last long before they were beset by a skeletal summoner, with pairs of demonic floating skulls constantly haranguing the party as their leader closed in with his axe. Valiantly fighting off the magical dead, the party spent the better part of an hour exploring the library. With its mindless (and harmless) skeletal servants, it was kept in better shape than most libraries of the surface world. Still, they didn’t prevent the group from uncovering a hidden passage behind one of the bookcases – a narrow stairway leading up. Intrigued, Roa’Kkad led the way up – and found himself in an alchemy lab.

Stepping into the lab, he had little time before he was set upon by a swarm of tiny, acidic globules. The balls of goop flowed from every cabinet, filling the room in a few seconds before they began to approach the new meat. Charing to battle, Throsh made short work of them with a surge of flame from his fingertips. A search of the lab uncovered many alchemical ingredients – but little of real value.

As the barbarian led the way into the hallway beyond, the party found a series of doorways. Throwing open one at random, Roa’Kkad found himself face to face with a skeletal defender, a strange ooze dripping from its bones. Thinking little of it, the party rushed into the small chamber, assaulting the dead from every angle. The bones of the beast cracked…

…And the slime leapt from its host onto Roa’Kkad. Caught off guard, the man struggled to hold his breath as the parasitic slime began to work its way into his body. Refusing to be consumed by the beast, Roa’Kkad fought back – but even the resilient barbarian was only human. As his consciousness began to fade, a hand reached out to him… Obama, pulling the man to safety. Now in melee with the beast, the Airwalker used his natural dexterity to avoid the slow and cumbersome blows of the jelly; meanwhile, Fubar went to work healing the damage done to Roa’Kkad. Rising from the near-dead, the man charged once more into battle. Beaten and weary – not to mention covered in disgusting goo – the party managed to slay the parasite. The items its host had held were magical – the only thing keeping them from being devoured by the slime’s acids.

As they took the goods and searched for a place to set down and rest, strange sounds could be heard far off down the tunnels. They were not alone down here…



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